Peter Montgomery

Recording Studio
Producers & Engineer
Mixing & Mastering


Mastering Single
€70.003 hours
Mastering EP 5 tracks Plus Per Track
€62.005 hours
Mastering Albun 10 Plus Tracks
€560.008 hours


Clients include Underworld, Tame Impala, The Future Sound Of London.

Equipment List

Barry Porter Net EQ Gyraf G14 Parallel Passive EQ Gyraf G-Pultec Elysia X - filter Mastering Chiswick Reach Vari MU Elysia Xpressor VCA Thermionic Culture Vulture Weiss DS1 MK2 Compressor TC Electronic System 6000 Waves L2-Ultramaximizer SPL Masterbay Pulse Technologies Line amplifiers. Bower & Wilkins 802M Hypex Monoblocks. TC Electronic Clarity Cranesong Avocet Cranesong HEDD 192 Antelope Audio Isochrone Apogee Ensemble UVHR22