Nicolas Kluzek

Recording Studio
Producers & Engineer
Mixing & Mastering


Studio: Half day
€150.004 hours
Songwriting / Composition
€300.008 hours
Studio: Full Day
€300.008 hours
€300.008 hours


Hey! I'm Nic, I release records as an artist, and I’m a producer-songwriter for other artists and media projects. With over 80 records doing their thing on streaming sites under my belt, I’ve released solo records, as well as worked as a songwriter/ producer with massively successful artists, as well as artists starting out. Producing for another artist is a labor of love and a big responsibility so I take a limited amount of projects at any given time and give them my 100 per cent, no bullshit! I help other artists define an aesthetic for their projects, write songs with a focus in mind and give them the sound THEY WANT. But in today’s music world, a great song/recording isn’t enough anymore, so I also help them define a strategy so we can see traction in their careers. Few producers look after this area. I’ve years of experience as a producer, a live musician, a songwriter, a recording artist with my own releases with the label Vinyl Digital as well as with other labels under other monikers. A lot of trials and errors made me better understand the music world and how to successfully evolve in it. I’ve a degree in Commercial Modern Music, and constantly learn new modern ways to write and produce but also new strategies to grow as an artist in the modern music model…this is my passion! Once we’ve taken the time to figure out your needs and we get working together your project becomes my project and I’ll have your back 100 per cent!