Lisa Murray

Producers & Engineer
Mixing & Mastering
Singers & Vocalist
Industry Professional


Music Production
€600.0030 hours
Photography Shoot (Half Day)
€300.005 hours
Photography Shoot (Full Day)
€600.008 hours
€300.0020 hours
Vocal Editing
€200.008 hours
Vocal Production
€400.0020 hours
Vocal Mixing
€350.0015 hours


LISA MURRAY IS AN ARTIST, PRODUCER AND MULTI-FACETED CREATOR. Beyond music and audio though, her areas of expertise expand to include photography, videography, and social media management. Lisa has a deep understanding of a wide variety of roles within the music and audio production industries, and works closely with She Knows Tech to help bridge the gender gap in the recording industry through advocacy and education. Lisa is also currently the Chapter Director of Dublin. As an artist, Lisa's work fuses '80s nostalgia with cutting edge vocal production that allows listeners to dive deep into her narrative storytelling and sonic world, incorporating deep synth bass, crunchy drums, and crystal-clear lead vocals. Lisa first started pursuing music technology and production during her undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin, where she completed a thesis on 'The Impact of the Production Process on the Success of Popular Music' and conducted research at Sarm Music Village in London. She then went on to pursue her Masters Degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation at Berklee College of Music, where she was awarded their Outstanding Woman Scholarship and mentored by Sylvia Massy. Currently, Lisa is fulfilling a range of projects in remote collaboration, vocal production, mixing, virtual event production, photography, design, social media management and much more!

Equipment List

UAD Apollo x4 Genelec 8010a Sony MDR 7506 MXL 990 MXL CR89 Shure SM57 Shure SM58 Akai MPK Mini M-Audio Oxygen 49 Pro Tools Ableton Live Logic Canon EOS 700D (18-35mm Lens, 50mm Lens, 70-300mm Lens) Sony RX-100 Mark 2 2 x Neewer Lights YongNuo Flashgun Neewer Green Screen, Black Backdrop, White Backdrop Colorama Carnation Pink Backdrop Colorama Dandelion Yellow Backdrop