Leah Moloney

Graphic & Design
Singers & Vocalist


Lead vocals for a song
€250.006 hours
Vocals for a Duet
€175.005 hours


Hiya! I'm Leah, a 24 year old from Athlone. I'm a singer, creative director and designer. Most recently, I sang on 'Puppets' by Rob Irwin. We have more duets on the way this year. I am also working on original music. I am in continuous vocal coaching to ensure my voice is in excellent condition. I love experimenting with new modes of singing. Since childhood, I've garnered extensive vocal experience through musicals, choir, open mics and vocal coaching. My voice is versatile, powerful and distinctive. I have a wide vocal range, I can comfortably sing from Eb3 to Db6. As a performer, I am intuitive, effervescent and am excellent and interact effortlessly with an audience.

Equipment List

Shure SM58 Focusrite M Audio Keystation 61