Beatrice Eloping Ireland



Full Wedding Day
€1200.0012 hours


Hi, I'm Beatrice, a Romanian leaving in Ireland. I'm in love with photography, and my recent addiction is filmmaking/videography. The first time I went into professional photography (more than just a hobby) was in 2014. Since then, I mastered all the basics, and most of the rules, I broke those rules and create my own style. Videography, on the other hand, I found more complex. I learned how to be a screenwriter, a director, a sound designer, and an editor. The most important thing I learned and mastered in filmmaking is that you have to build a story. So this is why I'm here for you, today, future bride, to tell your story in the most beautiful way possible. My offer is: - Bride and Groom getting ready = €200 - Church = €500 - Reception at the restaurant & couple photos = €300 - Wedding Dinner & Party = €500 - All-in bundle moments (whole wedding) = €1200 *Free personal pre-wedding meeting or zoom call about your wedding day; *Presentation gift box with 4"x6" printed photographs and memory stick with all photos. Last-minute bookings welcome <3 I'm looking forward to having a free 1-hour consultation with you!

Equipment List

Canon 5D Mark IV Tamron 15-30mm Canon 24-70mm Canon 70-200mm